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Are you enjoying the stanley parable?

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User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 years ago#21
I'll pick it up on 75% off at some point I'm sure.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#22

So I guess this means that either they'll sit on their asses for 5 years and do nothing, or maybe they'll spend the next 5 years coming up with something even better, or maybe they'll add some content to the existing game... OR who knows? I would kinda hope they'll find a way to expand on the existing game...

User Info: Daz_man123

3 years ago#23
Played the MOD a while back, didn't know they made a full release. Might buy it.

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#24
Playing Planescape: Torment & Guacamelee (AMAZING INDIE GAME) atm...will probably pick this up next once I beat Guaca..
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User Info: clowning

3 years ago#25
pothocket posted...
Otherwise you might as well claim our only true choices in games are those the developer never planned for and I don't believe that.

Well, of course you can make a choice from a variety of options, as in entering door A or door B. But there is no door C, for instance, nor an option to smash through the wall, etc. In games, player choices are ultimately nothing more than following one of several paths pre-determined by the game's creator.

What I mean is this: perhaps you are familiar enough with the ME3 debacle to remember the issue of "my Shepard". Some people were unhappy with the ending choices and the entire ending scene, in part because "their" Shep would not have behaved is he did in the scripted scenes. They had been under the illusion that Shep was their character, a character of their own making, forged by the choices players made during the game. This was a false perspective.

The truth is that there were several pre-designed Sheps created by the devs. The player could only pick one of them, as it were. Is that a choice? Of course. But it is limited to what is offered. So it is perhaps not an "open" choice.

But then, the Stanley Parable could be about determinism (in some manifestation) in RL, hence the "parable". We only have choices in reality based on options before us, options that are handed down to us by others.
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User Info: Lord_Cohliani

3 years ago#26
Is it different than the original, free game? What are the differences?
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#27
Lord_Cohliani posted...
Is it different than the original, free game? What are the differences?

The main story and the concept is pretty much the same, but it's a lot more fleshed out. Most people will get at least 2 hours out of it as opposed to the 30 minutes the mod took.

That and everything is remade from the ground up.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#28
From: Lord_Cohliani | #026
Is it different than the original, free game?

yes and no

What are the differences?

Too numerous to mention, but I'll say they spruced up the graphics, added a bunch of other possible endings, achievements, lots more narration, humor, etc.

It's possible to go through the Stanley parable and get essentially the same ending as in the free mod, but that's just one choice out of many.

User Info: Worknofun370

3 years ago#29
I saw someone playing it on Twitch for about 15 seconds and went out and bought it.

I agree with you TC, some of the best money i've spent in awhile. Yes, the game isn't that long... I still enjoyed it 10x more than any movie i've seen in the past 2 - 3 years (I'm sure there is a touch of hyperbole in there).

I've recommended it to anyone and everyone I know, those that have decided to try it out have all said they loved it as well.

User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#30
I watched a Markiplier video of it. I might buy it on sale some day.
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