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User Info: ajko000

3 years ago#11
Games > Modern Military Shooters

User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#12
PathlessBullet posted...
DerPancake posted...
Battlefield 4 whose only amazing thing is a scripted falling skyscrapper LOL!.

It's pretty amazing though. The feeling of being on top when the thing starts to fall and parachuting down as the wreckage crashes toward you... words cannot describe the feels.

I only found it nice the first match, and they killed the building when I was in the elevator, but honestly the map would honestly the map gets worse once the skyscrapper falls.
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User Info: LordOfLegacies

3 years ago#13
Aaand here comes all the internet vigilantes who think anything they say in a CoD topic is going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Keep trying kids, you're sure to make an impression soon.
The moderation staff and system on this website are both absolutely terrible.

User Info: OreoBoy206

3 years ago#14
DerPancake posted...
Well it can be a casual game, but Ghost will still be better than Battlefield 4 whose only amazing thing is a scripted falling skyscrapper LOL!.

But the only thing that's amazing in Ghost is the Advanced Fish A.I. so BF4 wins

User Info: 30aught6

3 years ago#15
So brave.
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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#16
Dumb arguments are dumb.
If they asked how I died tell them: Still angry.

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#17
30aught6 posted...
So brave.

Go back to Reddit.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#18
Having played the bf4 beta, I think its crap. I can see the appeal of cod but to me that is also crap. I miss the old tactical shooters, they were good.

User Info: Vs1991

3 years ago#19
Doom=Quake>Counter-Strike>Unreal Tournament>BF>Garbage>COD

User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#20
CoD hate and FPS hate.


Big Money. Big Women. Big Fun.
Skillz Ferguson
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