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Good desktop speakers?

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User Info: TiamatKiller

4 years ago#1
I was wondering what you guys use for desktop speakers. I don't have a dedicated sound card and probably won't get one, but I have a decent built in audio card on my motherboard.

The speakers would mostly be used for playing music and/or video so that others could hear it (monitor doesn't have built-in speakers). I'm not really looking for some amazing setup that costs $300, but I think a $100 ceiling would be okay.

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User Info: SnipeStar

4 years ago#2
i7 3820 / Corsair H80i | Asus Sabertooth X79 | 2x GTX 680 4GB | 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP | 2x 600GB Raptor / 2x 1TB WD RE3 | Corsair HX1000w | Silverstone RV01

User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#3
Yeah, Promedia 2.1 if you want 2.1 setup. If you want 2.0, you can get Bose Companion 2 which already gotten that cheap, or if you don't mind the size, Thonet & Vander Kurbis though I haven't seen it in any US store.

User Info: prozac786

4 years ago#4
Any Logitech 5.1 speakers will do the job perfectly, around the 70-120 rms range would be perfect. And they should be under $80 too, so great value for money

I bought mine a few years ago and they are still banging today. Very reliable and immense sound for a bedroom

Edit -

These ones!
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