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Have you purchased any "Early Access" Games?

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User Info: zxelman

3 years ago#11
TimePharaoh posted...
Starforge which looks like it would be cool, but it's also all but guaranteed they're going to be abandoned.

I thought this a couple of times throughout its development as well. But surprisingly it's still being worked on after this long. I'd think if it was going to be abandoned, it would've happened sooner, but that doesn't mean I don't think it can still happen to the game. It's ambitious for them so I'd expect it to take awhile before anything fun actually gets implemented.

(My experience with Early Access/betas, so the rest of this post is not @TC but more for @topic) Post is a bit long.

So far I haven't regretted an Early Access purchase. I've bought only 2 (5 if you count outside of Steam):

A bit obvious to some, Starforge, but half off.
Blade Symphony, half off.
Path of Exile closed beta last year.
Cube World.
Edit: Minecraft in Alpha, forgot to mention this.

But I have little to say about Minecraft. Almost regretted it because I hate vanilla, but the sheer fact that every person I knew had this game, and that modpacks are easy to install makes this game fun to play every once in awhile.

Starforge was pretty fun with friends for a little while, and every once in awhile I still mess around in it with them. I look forward to whatever happens to it.

Blade Symphony is very entertaining for a beta, again especially with friends. Haven't played a game like this since ever.

I was very aware PoE was going to be fully f2p, but I got interested and intrigued by the developer's constant patches and support for the community, plus I liked Diablo 2. I wasn't disappointed. I still enjoy the game to this day. One tiny story I've had with their support was that because I bought early access into their beta, I got 150 points to spend, and so I used them for 5 extra stash tabs. Then later a promotion giving people 1 extra stash tab for every 5 you purchase came out. The developers would give any person that bought MORE than 5 tabs before the promotion with 1 extra. I appealed anyways with a short e-mail, despite not meeting the condition technically, and they still gave me an extra one. Wasn't expecting it, but was happy.

Cube World was pretty special for a work in progress. Sure I'm waiting for an update simply because I want keybinds (I need a new mouse, mouse scroll works but pushing it down to dodge only works a quarter of the time, and dodging would be useful in this game) but it feels polished for an alpha. Never got a crash, frame rate drop, or gamebreaking bug, at least for me. Gameplay itself is great, but it needs content. So I'll wait for the next update to really dive into it.

But I have played in quite a few f2p betas, but I'll only mention one.

Warframe is the most interesting f2p I've been playing since ever, Vindictus (not a beta) coming 2nd. Warframe has nice developer support, but seeing as no one is perfect, they make mistakes even now to this day, but less than any publisher would've with such a title filled with great potential. Probably the most time I've spent playing a game and being involved in a community, Monster Hunter series coming 2nd. I look forward to see what they do with this.

User Info: Eclypse9810

3 years ago#12
Yes, Xenonauts.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

3 years ago#13
The Dead Linger.... it's clearly not completed but they tend to update it fairly regularly.
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User Info: LiquidDee

3 years ago#14
Not yet,but i'm interested in a few games.

Is "Sir you are being Hunted" any good?

It's 50% off right now and i was considering buying it today.

User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#15
Hmm, Minecraft during alpha(or was it beta?), was good back, stomps now with mods~
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User Info: LostHisHardcore

3 years ago#16
TimePharaoh posted...
LostHisHardcore posted...
Does Prison Architect count? It's still in alpha.

Yes. It launched through Early Access, and still is in Early Access.

I'm intrigued about the games that aren't going to make it, see the rage of people who bought it. Stuff like Kenshi and Starforge which looks like it would be cool, but it's also all but guaranteed they're going to be abandoned.

Anyone disappointed in the state/progress made in something you bought?

In that case then yes.
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User Info: MetalDialga

3 years ago#17
Rome II: Total War
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#18
Nope, I don't pay for early access even if its cheaper. What a scam.

Don't bother trying to debate me on it either.

Ohh and I'm no peasant. ;)
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#19

The game appears to be dying but I don't regret it, I got a good amount of mileage out of my 20 bucks.
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User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#20
I've never purchased an early access game but I have funded some Kickstarter projects that gave me an alpha to final.
The Dead Linger
Planetary Annihilation
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