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Have you purchased any "Early Access" Games?

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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 years ago#41
State of Decay - pretty awful. I should have known, since I've pretty much never enjoyed a zombie game.

Electronic Super Joy - Great game if you like platformers. Some really inventive levels and cool art themes.

User Info: JsReznor

4 years ago#42
TimePharaoh posted...
LostHisHardcore posted...
Does Prison Architect count? It's still in alpha.

Yes. It launched through Early Access, and still is in Early Access.

Just to clear things up, Early Access is a Steam feature. Prison Architect released on its own, then was put onto the Steam EA platform. Prison Architect was out for 8 months before going to Steam.

But in the spirit of the topic, yes:
Prison Architect (alpha 1)
Minecraft (just before the beta release)

User Info: DC4ever

4 years ago#43
The Dead Linger, but I bought it before it was on Steam.
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User Info: a_Wizards_Baker

4 years ago#44
No, and I genuinely can't understand paying to be an alpha tester.

User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#45
zxelman posted...
TimePharaoh posted...
Starforge which looks like it would be cool, but it's also all but guaranteed they're going to be abandoned.

I thought this a couple of times throughout its development as well. But surprisingly it's still being worked on after this long. I'd think if it was going to be abandoned, it would've happened sooner, but that doesn't mean I don't think it can still happen to the game. It's ambitious for them so I'd expect it to take awhile before anything fun actually gets implemented.

Have they actually made decent progression with it? It's on my wishlist to buy (much further into development) although I don't actually watch progress being made, but it was my impression that it's still pretty much nothing and not going anywhere.
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User Info: xanthan1

4 years ago#46
a_Wizards_Baker posted...
No, and I genuinely can't understand paying to be an alpha tester.

Because games designed with early access in mind, when they do it well anyway, have some basic crap done first, and keep adding and improving things up till they "release" it, VS the normal way of making a game where up until release its likely a buggy piece of crap.

For an example of the first look at Minecraft, they made a good alpha and beta and such that was playable and could be fun, they then kept adding things bringing it closer and closer to the release version.

Or Kerbal Space Program, not done and its still fun as hell and it gives you time to get good for when new things are added.

So you know, they get the game to a playable, fun, state, and then add more and more till it has enough and a lack of any major bugs to release it.

Or you have crap like....I think it was Dark Matter, that just sort of ends with some text after you go through a door. It doesn't really work for some genres at all. Gotta make sure the early access version isn't **** first just like you make sure any game you might buy isn't ****.
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