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What's the first OS you remember having on a PC?

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User Info: member1982

3 years ago#181
Windows 95
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User Info: Devil_wings00

3 years ago#182
Windows 3.1 in our school computer lab. I don't remember much beyond that we used it ;p First OS I actually remember anything about is windows 95 which was on our first home computer.
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User Info: KC_CheeseKing

3 years ago#183
Some old Apple machine my school had with a 3 x 5 floppy disk drive and a green screen that we played Oregon Trail on. Looked like the computers from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The first computer I actually owned was a Windows 95 machine. It ran like s*** and only had 4GB of memory and 64MB of RAM.
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User Info: nodley

3 years ago#184
The first I owned used Windows 98, but I used Windows 95 on my friends PC.


3 years ago#185

text based interface ftw.
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User Info: jude1974

3 years ago#186
DOS, and used to program things in BASIC as a child (6th grade?) just knowing that the next program I wrote would catapult me into floppy disc history.

(It didn't happen.)

User Info: Celebratox

3 years ago#187
First PC was Windows 98 but I used Win95 before that on my sister's PC.

98. I think the biggest notable difference from Win95 was the lack of an "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen.

I do miss that native DOS support though. If I ever make a legacy PC it'll be Win98se, probably the most stable version of Windows that still had DOS. I hate DOSbox.
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User Info: Unbridled9

3 years ago#188
Don't remember the first. The oldest I remember though was a VERY old Mac OS. Old enough to the point of lacking color display. It was either that or a Mac OS that had a blue denim background. Both pre-1995.
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