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At what fps do you regard a game as playable?

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  3. At what fps do you regard a game as playable?

User Info: YukitoRambo

3 years ago#81
Anything below 24 is trash.
"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed" - Alexander Pope

User Info: kjellboy

3 years ago#82
Anything above 25 is good enough for me. I'm not picky.
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User Info: ZeraphLordS

3 years ago#83
I played a certain demanding area in Crysis at 15fps, but only with object motion blur, and it was very hard to track things.

I won't play Metro until I can play it at over 30fps, for various reasons, including input lag.

Anything competitive is a whole other story.
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User Info: Logical_One

3 years ago#84
30 FPS is the minimum I'll accept. I usually shoot for 60 (and thanks to my 770 I usually get it).
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  3. At what fps do you regard a game as playable?

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