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Is liquid cooling necessary?

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User Info: urtv

4 years ago#11
if you hate building,then you are going to hate changing the liquid

User Info: Incendia_Intus

4 years ago#12
Pepys Monster posted...
What's more power efficient, air or liquid cooling? Does anyone know?

From what I've read, and the couple builds I experimented with, most typical liquid cooling setups save quite a bit when it comes to energy consumption.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#13
You can give the all in one water cooling kit a go. Installation is as easy as air cooler, just make sure you have an exhaust slot you can mount the radiator on. I still trust air cooler more though, just love my NH-D14. Don't bother with the DIY water cooling unless you really think you want to go crazy with that.

Hard to say which is more power efficient in that case, but let me put it this way.

Air cooling is more reliable. The fan is the only thing that can fail there and even without the fan, it is still a heatsink. Replacing a fan is easy. The main downside is probably the space constraint. High end air coolers are just MASSIVE. Make sure you have enough clearance for your RAM as well as your case before buying the big ones. Note: High end air coolers WILL beat water cooler with single slot 12cm radiator.

All in one water cooler is more pleasing aesthetically. You won't see a huge heat sink on top of your CPU. You never have to worry about high profile RAM clearance. You just need an exhaust slot to mount the radiator so that is the thing you have to worry about. The downside is that it is less reliable than air cooler. If the pump fail, it is going to be useless and hopefully it is still under warranty. The single slot 12cm ones are as expensive as high end air cooler. For best performance, there are those with 24cm radiator that is cooled by 2 fans. These ones are very expensive, almost twice the price of high end air coolers, but give you the best cooling performance outside DIY kits.

User Info: MasterDonGero

4 years ago#14
EchoX860 posted...
Found a good PC since I hate building and choosing, the more expensive is 8 core, with no liquid, and the less expensive is 6 core with liquid.

Please, post these two "good" PCs.
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#15
A word of warning, many prebuilts are a right PITA to upgrade. The cases are often small, the cable management is poor, the PSU is often a crappy unit and the motherboard is usually very limited in terms of expansion options.
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