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Silver backplate on the back of computer?

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User Info: gamesisgood

4 years ago#1
So I got my motherboard as an open box item... Saved about 20 bucks after they price matched it. Anyways It didnt come with a backplate. Then one that covers the usb and ethernet plugs in the back.
Well about a week after building the computer I was able to obtain one. After installation I realized I didnt really like the look of it as much as another solution I had. Basically I was just making my own backplate with packaging material that came with my GPU.

So I guess my question is this ok? Is there some underlying importance to the silver on that came with the motherboard?

Sorry for taking so long to get to the question thanks in advance.
The Dude abides.

User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#2
its not silver
^ this

User Info: Winpus

4 years ago#3
Last I read, years ago, it was supposedly made from "spring steel" and is designed to block EMI.

User Info: HaMMeRHeaD25

4 years ago#4
The aesthetic of your tower's back I/O plate should be the least of your concerns, I would play it safe and use the real one
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