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What would be the best upgrade for a 7850 2GB?

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  3. What would be the best upgrade for a 7850 2GB?

User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

3 years ago#1
How much would I have to spend to get a worthwhile upgrade?
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User Info: gsf4lyfe

3 years ago#2
Another 7850 if your PSU can handle it. It's still a pretty decent card, and no single card is going to be a huge performance jump unless you spend some serious cash.
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

3 years ago#3
I figured that'd be the way to go, but I just wanted some outside opinions
Billy Mays: July 20, 1958 - June 28, 2009
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User Info: gikos

3 years ago#4
off topic but i have a 560t will a 7850 be better or 7950
where i live 7950 is 150 more
or should i stick with my card for a while and wait for a price drop
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User Info: son_gogetto

3 years ago#5
I have the same, curious about this too because its starting to show its age now, although its still running all the latest games on ultra at at least 30fps. Not sure whether to go for 280/290 or if just cross firing it will be better. I have an i5 3570K with it.
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#6
That's my current GPU and I was wondering a little while ago if it would be worth it to get another or should I just go with a R290x?

User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#7
Dual 7850s would treat you pretty well, especially with AMD having cleaned up most of their crossfire issues. The only single cards that are really worth it right now on the AMD side are the 280X at $300, or the 290x at $550. The 770 wouldn't be bad, either, but rather more expensive.

I've actually been eyeing another 7870, but then I'd need to get a new PSU and replace pretty much everything else but the RAM. Still, I could move up to an Ivy Bridge i7 for a rather reasonable price. $400 for the processor, mobo, $40 for a cooler, $50 for a PSU. $160 for another of the HIS cards, since I quite like the cooler on it. And then $30 for another 4 gigs of ram.

Probably just gonna stick with what I have for now, though. At bare minimum, I'd need a new mobo and PSU to handle a 2nd card, so that's $300 right there, and I've got all of $700 in my bank account with no further income until I can get hired somewhere.
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