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AMD R290X - Taking the lead by a HUGE margin

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User Info: Thescyy

3 years ago#11
Pssst, it downclocks itself upwards of 100+mhz even on uber mode after its been run for awhile on the stock fan. That's why most of the reviews don't catch the real performance numbers, just look at the several reviews that actually go over the level of throttling that happens after hitting power and thermal envelopes. Either it's run your card at 100% fan speed in which case it sounds like a power tool or setup a custom water loop which would actually allow this card to stretch its legs.

It's a great card, but it runs hot and these reference card reviews are not showing true performance results considering the extremely short time they are run which allows it to run without down clocking itself too much. I'm not trying to dog this card, just the people going crazy saying it beats a titan based on reviews that did not allow the card to actually warm up are just spreading misinformation. Once these cards throttle it falls back to barely beating the titan at 4k and being neck and neck with wins going back and forth. I'm not denying it owns the titan for price to performance but the performance drops as much as 10% with powertune.

I really hope people buying these reference cards are water cooling them otherwise they are in for a world of surprise.
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#12
loses in mostly every benchmark in this one
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

3 years ago#13
why the hell is everyone in this topic still talking about those god damn video cards
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User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#14
it's hot and has high power consumption

but it's bandwidth is the most ready for 4k
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