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Can I reset my laptop to factory defaults?

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User Info: mab2815

3 years ago#1
I got a free laptop and just want to reset it. There is nothing important on it and don't have any recovery disks if that is important. I just recovered the password and now want to make this laptop new.
It is a windows vista on a Gateway.
How do I reset to factory defaults?
Thank you.
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User Info: Knight2520

3 years ago#2
If there isn't a program that Gateway installed somewhere for that purpose, you'd need recovery discs. See if your hard drive has a recovery partition.
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User Info: mab2815

3 years ago#3
I believe I see recovery and a partition. Yep, the harddrive has them.
PSN: SoYouLikeHerp

User Info: mess98

3 years ago#4
Unless you have recovery discs/partition...
Your best bet is to stick a Windows Vista install disc in, do a clean install, and use the Product Code on the back label of your case to register it.
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User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

3 years ago#5
You'd be better served installing Win7 or 8 on that laptop, Vista was an absolute mess. 8 isn't great, but something like classic shell can easily remedy most issues.
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