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Origin & Steam Key Giveaway

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User Info: nightshadeA

3 years ago#21
didnt like ea's humble bundle ?
theres no point in telling me the wisdom of fool wont set me free"neworder
"mr zurkon dosent shoot and ask questions later asking questions is stupid

User Info: Sage_Of_Ice

3 years ago#22
ihumpmypillow89 posted...
Limbo: L8XF3-9GR3J-RH99G
Bastion: 736BE-8JPQW-B9LGJ
English Country Tune: AY920-MTKQ4-2N0RW
Eets: F4V6P-62QG6-D0FKV

Just say when you take them, all Steam too obviously.

I took Bastion. The rest are gone.
I've been in Troll form for so long...

User Info: nfsworld14132

3 years ago#23
can i have Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box?
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