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Recommend me a set of Earbuds?

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User Info: Dynast_King

3 years ago#21
You can't go wrong with MEElectronics.
"Undying, we Occuria light the path for wayward sons of man. Oft did we pass judgment on them so that Ivalice might endure."

User Info: Zin_LG

3 years ago#22
I had these for a few years and enjoyed the sound and bass of them. They came highly recommended at the time I bought them. The M4 and M5 seem to be highly recommended now as well.

I purchased these as a replacement two weeks ago since my M1s died because they were highly recommended, but I ended up returning them because the detachable drivers kept falling off.

This is the pair I'm using as of last week. Pretty good so far. Both the VC02 and this come with a ton of tips:
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