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Call of Duty Ghosts PC vs. Battlefield 4 PC

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User Info: Trance_Fan

4 years ago#1
both are 4K ready, next-gen PC games - Results (86 votes)
Call of Duty Ghosts
22.09% (19 votes)
Battlefield 4
77.91% (67 votes)
This poll is now closed.
i think it's nice

User Info: MI2Dragon

4 years ago#2
100 percent of the people I asked, would recommend this sig to their friends.

User Info: g7g7g7g7

4 years ago#3
eugh, not you again...
You never see people quoting each other in sigs anymore. - Adam Laz

User Info: MaxCHEATER64

4 years ago#4
both are 4K ready, next-gen

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User Info: GwynsSonSolaire

4 years ago#5
both games are great in a unique way.

bf is about large scale warfare and epic immersion

cod is about skill based close quarters combat with emphasis on killstreaks
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