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What are your top 5 most played games on Steam?

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User Info: xKynOx

4 years ago#71
My Raptr account,im to lazy to type

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#72
Borderlands 2 (400+ hours)

all I can think of that I play a lot
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User Info: ZeraphLordS

4 years ago#73
Team Fortress 2
1,239 hrs on record

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer
205 hrs on record

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
171 hrs on record

144 hrs on record

Mount & Blade: Warband
137 hrs on record

Despite the playtimes, I don't really consider them to be my favorites (maybe Skyrim, I really like landscapes and forests, but it could use more rain).

Oblivion and D2 probably have more hours than a few on this list, but my Oblivion hours are split between a hard copy, and D2 isn't on Steam.

MMBN3 is another game I remember having sunk many hours into.
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User Info: galfasanta1111

4 years ago#74
1. Civilization IV: 1087 hours
2. Civilization V: 394 hours.
3. Skyrim: 252 hours.
4. Borderlands 2: 203 hours.
5: Fallout: New Vegas: 52 hours.
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User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#75
Borderlands 2 180 hours
Dark Souls 94 hours (+90 hours on xbox)
Borderlands 65 hours
Fallout NV 37 hours
Darksiders 32 hours

User Info: CourtofOwls

4 years ago#76
new vegas - 167
oblivion - 164
nba 2k11 - 88
sleeping dogs - 72
marvel heroes - 64
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User Info: Superemppu

4 years ago#77
TF2: 970h
Skyrim: 388h
Terraria: 205h
The sims 3: 204. (This is 98% just building houses =D)
Titan quest: Immortal throne. 183h.
Borderlands 2 is the only othe game that has cracked the 100h mark, although Minecraft would probably stomp my whole steam library in playtime if it kept track of it.
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User Info: Th1rte3n

4 years ago#78
Dark Souls: 120 Hours
CSS: 217 Hours
CS:GO: 462 Hours
L4D2: 1082 hours
L4D1: 1194 Hours
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User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#79
Kingdoms Of Amalur - 79 hours
Fallout: New Vegas - 75 hours
Civilization V - 57 hours
Saints Row The Third - 49 hours
Saints Row IV - 45 hours

User Info: Domino Hurley

Domino Hurley
4 years ago#80
5. Grand Theft Auto III (21 hours)
4. Torchlight (23 hours)
3. Deus Ex (28 hours)
2. Saints Row: The Third (31 hours)
1. Torchlight II (35 hours)
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