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First Steam Game?

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User Info: DiehardFFv2

3 years ago#1
According to the archive, we haven't had one of these in a while. My first purchase was Terraria back in June of 2011. All I had was a netbook at the time and it wasn't until July that I built my first gaming computer. Looking back, what I put together was a joke, but it was sub 500 which is the price point I needed to hit at the time.
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User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#2
CS:S on March 27th , 2008.
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User Info: Sergei_Dukanov

3 years ago#3
Deus Ex Human revolution. It came free with my 6850 back in 2011. Didnt have steam before then and my PC was a RTS only machine till then. But now that I have been spoiled with the superior quality.
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User Info: MacadamianNut3

3 years ago#4
Portal when it was free like 2-3 years ago for a week
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User Info: SlashmanSG

3 years ago#5
Space Empires 4 Deluxe back in 06.
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User Info: BoxerBrute

3 years ago#6
Fallout: New Vegas, I got it during the summer sale in July of this year. I just got into PC gaming recently.
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User Info: rking

3 years ago#7
Titan Quest Gold, 7/1/2010. - Diablo 2 SP forums
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User Info: DiehardFFv2

3 years ago#8
SlashmanSG posted...
Space Empires 4 Deluxe back in 06.

Dem Graphics:
Intel i5 3570k | Sapphire r9 280x | 8GB DDR3 | 256GB SSD | 3TB HDD

User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#9
AudioSurf - September 22, 2008.

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#10
Bad Company 2 - Nov 2010
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