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Why do people only upgrade their computer?

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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#51
Why do people only upgrade their computers but not their chair they sit on?

... why when they upgrade their chair, they don't upgrade their room?

... why do they have a decent room, but the rest of their rooms are tore up?

... why they have a good looking inside of their home, but their house itself and outside is crap?

... why have a decent house but have it on ugly property (land)?

... why have decent property in a ugly neighborhood?

... why have move in a good neighborhood but in a horrible city?

... why the hell do you even live in that state?

.. why even live in America when you can live ____ ?

... WTF DUDE!?!? You go thru all that but you live on Earth!!! WTF? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never forget.... Building #7

User Info: josh_b

4 years ago#52
... don't knock mobile homes... I live in a triple wide trailer that cost me 150 grand and was designed inside and out by my wife lol. better than half the homes ive ever been in.

back on topic. I used to have my pc on a horrible cramped little desk and a chair that was from office depot. it was horribly uncomfortable and I would stop playing simply because of the condition I was forcing myself to play in.

Ended up buying a large desk from a local law firm that was moving to a new location and purchased a chair from the ambulance company I work for. it's a 24/7 dispatch center computer chair. retails for around 1200 dollars but it got it a lot cheaper at $550.

I have to say since upgrading to something more comfortable I play a lot longer and and the games are more enjoyable.
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User Info: rabbi_baby

4 years ago#53
It's not hard to do light home remodeling. All it takes is the internet for instructions and a willpower to not be lazy.

Unless you can seriously hurt yourself, not doing something but leaving it to a contractor either makes you lazy, unambitious, or cowardly.

Everything is the same. If you possess the mechanical know how to build a computer, you can rebuild the boiler in your basement, or change the head gasket in your car. Just because one thing has 5 steps, and the next thing has 50 doesn't change anything.

We live in an age where not doing something is inexcusable if a lack of knowhow is your only reasoning. We have the internet. Wire your house for cat6, improve your electrics, give yourself a nice confidence boost by doing something yourself.
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