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M&B Warband combat help...(amongst other things..)

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User Info: xnmzx

3 years ago#1
Hi guys. I just bought M&B Warband on sale on steam recently and I must admit I am having crazy amounts of fun. I can definitely see the 'addicting' factor everyone boasts about this game.

I'm loving every aspect of it and I have YET to even install any mods from the nexus. Anyway, as much as im loving pretty bad at combat. I mean, I've been getting through my battles (looters & what have you) mainly because I try and maintain a decent sized party to always outnumber the opposing force and it's been working. It sucks because it feels like my men are doing all the work and i just dont really do much to contribute or at least not as much as i should be all because the controls feels so akward to me.

So basically I need some combat/control tips and some specific questions:

1.I first went with 2 hand axe, then I got into polearms for couching but i cant seem to pull it off so now im back to 2-handers. Should I stick with these or try and go back to poles?

2.Because i always try to increase my party size, im burning through gold recruiting members everywhere I go...whats the most effecient way to amass gold in this game?

3.if regular combat wasnt akward enough, horse combat is even worse. Because of this i always prefer to dismount and fight on foot..i miss like 90% of my attack while mounted and I cant say im a fan of this momentum-mechanic they're using while mounted.

i'll ask more when they come to mind. thanks guys!

User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#2
I've found that a nice 2 hander with a 1h weapon and shield available works best dismounted. The way to go is mounted combat though. Barring walls of archers, there is little that can be done to stop a good cavalry charge. Get a good mount and a nice lance and reap your enemies.
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User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#3
I never was good with the lances. When mounted, I just stuck with a bastard sword. It's one of the swords you can use one or two handed. Two hand it if you're mowing down infantry or fleeing archers. Use the shield if you're fighting other cav and archers.

Good way to earn money is raiding enemy caravans and villages.
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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#4
Believe it or not, but your troops should be doing most of the legwork. There are many of them but only one of you. If you drop, then the battle auto-resolves and often with pretty bad losses on your side that you could've prevented even if you just rode around on a horse not doing anything. The problem is that you can't heal, so safety should be your top priority. Your hero's role should be setting up your troops and ordering the attack and so on, and maybe trying to attack the enemy leader or other targets you can safely kill.

I personally liked 2H weapons myself. You can still block everything that isn't an arrow with it, and you have a reach advantage on 1H weapons. They also had a bit more oomph too.

The best way to get gold is probably businesses. I don't know much about it, but they'll tell you what the typical operating cost is versus how much you can expect to receive. I imagine the values fluctuate too. Failing that, raiding does work though it'll piss people off--but they're your enemies anyway, so.

Mounted combat is really hard and I do the same thing you do. If anything I use the horse to get around quickly and then start hacking people to death. Good thing the AI doesn't know to do the same until the horse dies.
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User Info: xnmzx

3 years ago#5
Thanks guys.

Kinda stuck now though..trying to become a vassal but the king wont let me. More questing for lords i suppose...

User Info: xnmzx

3 years ago#6
hopeful bump for more tips.

User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#7
One thing you need to learn is to block (not with the shield), I mean with your weapon. There are 4 posible ways you to get hit so you need to learn the animations so you know which side to block.
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User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#8
DerPancake posted...
One thing you need to learn is to block (not with the shield), I mean with your weapon. There are 4 posible ways you to get hit so you need to learn the animations so you know which side to block.

This. Practice Practice Practice.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#9
I usually bring different equipment depending on who I am fighting.

Mostly, I bring

Sword of War
Steel Shield
Long Bow

Keeping the shield on your back provides cover from arrows, but can pull it out during the charge.
Enemy archers stop shooting at you if you are surrounded or blocked by other enemy troops. But they mostly miss if I am riding around.

To a siege, I swap out the sword of war for an axe to smash through shields.

Fighting those horse lords, I switch to Spear and shield.

Keep in mind that you can run back to your starting point, open the chest and re-equip or even grab more arrows so if you brought the wrong weapons, you can swap out.

As for troops, I usually go Swadians. I know the Sarinids are supposed to be stronger but I find the Swadian knights just roflstomp everything except the Nords. Nords put up a good fight and cause more losses. Because of that, I prefer to leave them to last.
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User Info: snesmaster40

3 years ago#10
Getting renown will convince the King or Queen to allow to join their faction.

It is possible to join the faction by becoming a mercenary for them which will in turn be easier for you to join that faction. To become a mercenary, you need to ask that factions vessals if they have any work to do. Eventually you'll come across one that says they are recruiting mercs for their faction. Being a merc means you'll get paid in gold and can take part in that factions battles, but you'll also become enemies with the faction they are at war with. You won't get any land as a merc though.
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