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Recommended firewall software?

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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#1
I'm never sure what to go for. Always get the same issues when asking people.
"You use X? Pffth, X is crap now, use Y Besy firewall/antivirus there is."
"What? He recommended Y? That's one of the worst firewalls ever created! Get Z, man."
"Get Z? Is that what he said? Well sure if you want to leave your wireless network wide open. Get X. It's the best by far."

Everyone I ask tells me the one I use sucks and I should get something else, but there never seems to be a concensus on what to get. I currently use Zonealarm and it seems fine to me, but I suppose you only know a firewall's crap when it lets something in.

I use Windows 7 atm, so is it even worth having a firewall at all these days?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde
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