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thinking of upgrading my pc

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User Info: boss585

3 years ago#1
Should i spend some money and get a few upgrades on my pc. Its about 6- 7 yrs old.Thinking of getting new cpu, mobo and ram, and leaving putting the rest into it

Current build:
intel core 2 quad Q6600 @2.4
stock cooler
p5ql pro mobo
EVGA gtx 660 2gb OC (was a gt 9600, but got myself a good deal on the gpu, thought 'why not?')
Samsung 8 Gb ram, 400 mhz 6 6 6 18 52
2tb hard drive
random cd drive
550 w psu

What would be some good choices, i dont want to go mental on price, so no more than £400 total, but would want to stay as far beneath £300 as possible.

Cheers in advance

User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#2
if that psu is 6-7 years old then i would highly recommend replacing that also.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
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