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Recommend me some headphones.

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User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

4 years ago#1
Logitech G35 broke at the part where the cuffs pivot after I accidentally knocked it over :/ It worked great, and I found it sounded pretty decent in stereo mode.

Anyways, priority would be music first. Would like something clear and balanced sound wise. Listen mostly to metal, jpop, and video game music. I have a bunch of my music in apple lossless and will be going FLAC whenever I get around to replacing my iPod touch, but I still have a considerable part of my library in mp3 since I listen to a bunch of vocaloid stuff. So I'd say something that's revealing of compression is okay as long as it doesn't absolutely ruin stuff around 256kbps

Oh, yeah, budget is up to $150.

So, suggestions?

User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

4 years ago#2

User Info: bravo1

4 years ago#3
Open or closed cans, or Inner Ear Monitors?

I'm a big fan of my KRK 8500. They're closed headphones, really clear sound. Bass isn't overwhelming, but still there. Easy to distinguish different instruments. Since I'm on my phone and typing is a pain, I'll link you to a headfi review

Your best bet for headphone gear is to check out head-fi
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User Info: aak57

4 years ago#4 is definitely where you want to go. They're less prone to newbie recommendation syndrome since many people there have listened to tons of different headphones and not just a pair of M50s.
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User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

4 years ago#5
Okay, I'll head over to head-fi.

As for open or closed, either is fine, as long as they cover the whole ear. The only difference is that open tends to be more clear for a lower price and they don't insulate noise as well, correct?

User Info: aak57

4 years ago#6
Open tend to have a larger soundstage (better separation of instruments/noises) but indeed, they leak noise in/out more.
Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#7
I'd recommend the AKG Q701.
For an amp, get the Objective2+ODAC, which is a really good amp for very cheap.

In detail, the Q701 is about the best headphone you can get for gaming, certainly in its price range. For music, it's a pretty neutral headphone with a warm sound that sounds very good. It's very comfortable as well.

For the music you listen to, which is pretty much what I listen to, Grado headphones would probably give you the best sound, but they're not very comfortable, more of a "listen for an hour then you have to take them off" headphone. Q701's can be worn indefinitely.

AKG released a K702 65th Anniversary edition, which is the Q701 with a more comfortable leather headband, more attractive color scheme, and more comfortable ear pads with gel instead of foam inside, so you get better bass and a bit of a deeper sound when listening to music, at the cost of a very slight drop in positional audio (I'd rate the drop as from 10 (Q701) to 9.5) The annie's cost almost twice as much though.

You can buy the annie pads and put them on the Q701, but I think you have to e-mail Frank from AKG about replacement parts.

EDIT: In your budget, I'd recommend these.

You won't need an amp to drive them.
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User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

4 years ago#8
Superlux 681 Evo and xonar dx

Oh and modmic
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User Info: Bomasa

4 years ago#9

Go look on their forums.
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User Info: Kaushad

4 years ago#10
sennheiser hd 558

Or, if you want to up your budget just a little bit, sennheiser hd 800s.
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