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Which Sims 3 expansions/stuff packs are worth getting?

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  3. Which Sims 3 expansions/stuff packs are worth getting?

User Info: Lord_Vader

3 years ago#1
As some of you might now the expansions/stuff packs are 60% off on Gamefly. Just wondering which ones are worth to get and which ones aren't because I don't want to waste money on a crappy DLC.
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User Info: occono

3 years ago#2
Late Night, Generations, Supernatural, University Life.

User Info: Drelkag

3 years ago#3
Generations, Late Night, and Seasons add the most to the game in general, at least things you'll notice every play session. Pets is a personal favorite of mine.
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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#4
Late Night lets me live the clubbing life I never had!

Also the Starterpack (includes the Sims 3, Late Night and High End Lot Stuff) and its the same price as Late Night by itself.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#5
As someone who has all expansion and stuff packs; you should get world adventures, university, island paradise, seasons, late night and ambitions. I have into the future but haven't played it yet so can't comment on it. Generations seems rubbish to me. It adds stuff for kids but seems like it should have been a stuff pack.
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  3. Which Sims 3 expansions/stuff packs are worth getting?

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