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With $400, what's the best I can get? Only need a few parts.

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User Info: SexCEman

3 years ago#11
EpicKingdom_ posted...
lol only.

I'm sorry, but what's funny about that? It's an indication that I don't need a lot of parts and only 3 pieces out of all of the parts you can list for a computer (OS, RAM, case, PSU, optical drive, HDD/SSD, monitor, accessories) is not much.

I've noticed this board usually gets on people for not telling what they need for their computer build, and I understand why when someone just makes a topic about parts and someone always has to ask if they have a monitor, or OS, etc.

User Info: SexCEman

3 years ago#12
superstud69x posted...
Senkoy posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
Do you have to buy it all at once, or can you buy some parts, save a bit, and buy the rest?

Cuz honestly, I'd blow it out in the CPU department first because those tend to last a lot longer than GPUs. If you got something like an i5-4670 and an accompanying'll probably hold on to that for a few years.

GPU, probably will switch that out every 18 months to 2 years.

Edit: BTW, newegg has a $20 off dealio for the i5-4670k right now.

Pretty much this. Get a decent CPU and then save up for a decent card. You mentioned you might save up for a 770, that sounds like your best option.

This is what I did (except with a i7-3770k and a MSI 780). The integrated graphics weren't great, but they could play plenty of stuff on Medium usually, and the integrated graphics in the i5-4670k (HD 4600 I believe) is slightly better than the HD 4000.

And the HD 4600 should be able to run WoW on Medium/Low High settings at 1080p. With the HD 4000, I was able to play at Medium settings, with a steady 30 FPS.

Good to know. There's a Microcenter not too far from me that has the i7-4770 for $250, or the 4770k for $280. Might pick it up. Personally, being able to moderately OC a 4770 would be fine with me, I don't really need the unlocked multiplier. Would it be that much of a performance difference?

Also, any recommendations for a motherboard?

User Info: Panopictonguy

3 years ago#13
Goto Microcenter and combo an i7 with a Mobo. I got a A Asrock Extreme 4.0 Z87 board. It's treated me fineo so far.

You can live on integrated graphics and processing power until you save up with to get a new card. It's good timing with prices dropping recently.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#14
If all you're playing is WoW an i5 should be plenty. The HD4600 should run it pretty well, I know I played it on much worse integrated graphics (and with worse processors as well) for years and only a handful of areas really gave me trouble, Ulduar and the first wing of ICC are all that come to mind. If you've got the money though and think you'll use it then the i7 could be handy on down the line, just don't expect it to make a difference in WoW, especially if you keep your system locked at 60 fps like I do.

I quit playing before building my desktop but going back and giving it another try with a scroll of resurrection was pretty unreal compared to what I was used to.
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User Info: SexCEman

3 years ago#15
Well, I was use to playing on a 1440p monitor, which is why I was going to replace the parts with mid-range specs since my laptop is unable to be used with the monitor.

I do have an HDMI > DVI that would work, but the HDMI out on the motherboard/processor would have to work for that.

I don't have to play at full res of course but I'm not sure if I'd rather have an i7 now with low settings at that res for games like WoW and then in the future get the GPU for games like BF4 and GTA V, etc. Or have the moderate performance now and then just sell/upgrade again in the future.

Ex: i3 or 8320, 7870 or 270x, and mobo = $350 and could play even more demanding games at medium settings at 1440p

i7 and mobo = $320 and could only really play games at medium settings at 1080p or low settings at my monitors full res.

That sounds fine but I also was thinking about the point of getting the parts is to go from my laptop that plays on a 15.6" display at 1366x768 res to my 27" monitor...but then its kind of pointless if I have to lower the res and settings with just a processor anyways.

Unless the i7 could play those few games at 1440p...WoW, Dota 2, SC2, and I've been wanting to finish the Bioshock series after getting Infinite recently, along with playing some other games...
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