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I might actually pick up CoD: Ghosts

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User Info: Super_Thug44

3 years ago#11
EpicKingdom_ posted...
The next gen makes TC think that COD will be different or better. Now that's real talk.

lol wat
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User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#12
Super_Thug44 posted...
I haven't bought a CoD game in 4 years (MW2) and haven't been at all interested in the series. But for some reason, Ghosts just kind of looks good. Dunno what it is but I want to play it. Might be because I haven't played any FPS games in a good 2 years at least.

Oh yes Call of Duty Ghosts is the new ultimate videogame!!

Extinction mode co-op

new COD series features like Character Creation
(which I think you can create and save up to 10 created characters)

an all new create-a-soldier & perk system:
Customize loadouts & appearance of your soldier
Over 20,000 possible combinations
Including heads, body types, equipment, gender
Primary, secondary, lethal, tactical, perks
Each squad member has 6 loadouts
All attachments and killstreaks are free to choose
Earn Squad Points and spend them how you want

Clan Wars

New Modes

like Search & Rescue, Cranked and Blitz

new SQUADS modes (offline and online play) with a.i. bots smarter than Timesplitters/Perfect Dark. Wargame has access to all the multiplayer modes.

new MAPS
well obviously.

a MLG tournament already planned

the new campaign and much more!! (think Hardcore will be explored in the coming days)

So in my opinion, Call of Duty Ghosts is already proving to be the new ultimate videogame and the most fun game that veterans and newcomers can enjoy!! :) Haters need not apply (well naturally the most popular games are the most hated) Plus it's good to think about the framerate besides graphics.
Overall better performance > better graphics. Refined engine > new engine.

And BF and COD are apples and oranges, so let's not compare the two. People will either play one or the other or both depending on their tastes. But I will say that BF4 is looking to be all graphics, and no fun. Though of course, opinion. To its credit, It's good BF is around to encourage COD to apply more effort, so it's possible that thanks to BF4, COD Ghosts has become bigger and better than it would have been if it had no competition. :)

At the end of the day, it's not the graphics or story that determine a game's total quality; it's the content, replay value, customization, gameplay, modes, variety, and features that get people to continue playing it every day, for months, even years.

User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#13
early impressions in the communities:

"The MAPS?!?! Lol how are the maps looking so far? BO2 like or MW2 like?"

Its MW2 all the way. No 3 lane...they are very organic and some are maze like. Most are absolutely HUGE in comparison to BO2 maps

One thing I have to say is they weren't kidding about the bot AI. They play a LOT like people do, and in some aspects, much better than most of the community. I have it on regular (one step up from the easiest. They will camp and sometimes even prefire. In domination they don't try to cap solo...they always wait until 2 or more are around to try, and not all of them go to it...some of them will camp outside guarding the ones on the point. Although they also do some cheap AI things...on the jungle map I saw him ADS with leaves filling his entire screen, but still perfectly tracking and hitting me.

I need to play them some more to get a feel...I'll try to get back to you on it. I can say Strikezone and Octane are the small maps, and I think Prison Break (jungle map) is probably medium. Stonehaven (has a castle on it) is absolutely gigantic. There's a HUGE, enormous open field outside the castle. Snipers are going to love it.

There's tons of verticality in the maps...most of them have lots of windows, ledges, etc. Even in the castle with the field, the field has a lot of nooks and crannies.

User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

3 years ago#14
While I don't plan on getting ghosts myself. I am looking forward to it's release. Because hopefully Activision will actually put up a decent sale on it's previous CoD titles for once in ****ing blue moon.
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User Info: Smackpwn

3 years ago#15
Please stop shilling the game xenosaga, this game really isent diffrent from the other cods, aliens = zombies, the dynamic maps are just the same maps with some scripted event that happens at a killstreak, all these "features" are things that have been done 10 years before COD on HL2 mods, why would you buy COD when Titanfall is around the corner


3 years ago#16
Around the corner = 5 months away? wat
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User Info: unknown2226

3 years ago#17
Lol cod ghost does not look appealing at all. Same boring game. Battlefield 4 just came out and Titanfall is coming soon. No need to get cod ghost at all.
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User Info: GwynsSonSolaire

3 years ago#18
good times are ahead of you
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