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Sega just released Blood as a DLC for Rome II.....

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  3. Sega just released Blood as a DLC for Rome II.....

User Info: kingjosh1876

3 years ago#41
It seems like something that would naturally have been developed along with the game anyway (Having a bit of blood in a Roman military game seems normal to me), if that was the case then it may already have been finished when the game was done so it would seem reasonable to think they could find a way to circumvent the ESRB rating (not that little kids plays strategy games) without ripping people off for something that should be in the game.

In Metro: Last Light the highest difficulty setting is locked behind a £3.99(About $7) dlc, which seems horrible to me - the reason I don't buy a lot of full price games today and prefer to play older things is that I don't like the idea of buying it and knowing things have been removed to be sold for extra. I prefer to buy a full game, perhaps through GOTY/complete versions although these often come with codes to download the content and not on the disc so you still don't really own any of it.

If I wanted to go buy a play-station 2, or a super Nintendo I would know that I can buy any game and the whole thing will be accessible from the start and inside the disk/cartridge, but if in 10 years if I was looking at some PS3/360 era games I would have to be thinking "Oh, what dlc did this title have back then? Hopefully nothing too major they cut out seeing as the store is down".

User Info: BannanaBomb2002

3 years ago#42
Sega does what nintendont
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  3. Sega just released Blood as a DLC for Rome II.....

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