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Graphics card upgrade question

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User Info: giglamesh99

3 years ago#1
My system has a gtx 670 in it. So far it's maxed everything out, but with the new games coming out(next gen), it appears it's gonna struggle to max while putting out 60 fps.

I could buy another gtx 670, and go sli, which should allow me to max everything for awhile but sli brings its own problems.

I could buy a 780 but that's $500 for an upgrade that probably won't last me too long.

I feel like sli 670 will outperform a 780 and allow me to hold out longer before needing a new upgrade when they relase the next series of cards or even the series after that one.


I could just use the single 670 and wait til the next series of cards come out.

Opinions? This is for gaming at 1920x1080 resolution.

User Info: josh_b

3 years ago#2
Even with a single GTX 670 it's still going to give you solid performance for the majority of games for a few years to come. It may not max games out but it will still do the job. The newer cards don't offer a radical FPS difference unless your talking about a gtx 690 or some system with SLI cards

Even then the added price vs. performance just isn't there for me for the higher end cards. The GTX 770 only adds maybe 10 fps over what your getting on the GTX 670. with a little overclocking you should almost match that.

Personally I would worry more about the CPU performance. Anything under a i5 2500k and the AMD equivalent and your really pushing it. I have a i7 sitting on my desk waiting to be installed this weekend since im off.

With the most intensive game out right now which I believe is Battlefield 4 im still staying around 60 fps a second with everything maxed out and that's with one my GTX 670's disabled since SLI performance just isn't there right now.I get stuttering with both enabled. Also have to remember with future updated drivers performance is going to improve.

I would wait until your card under performs and get a second gtx 670 for SLI later when the cards drop in price.
i5 2500k 4.5GHZ OC, 32GB DDR3, Galaxy GTX670 4GB SLI, MSI P67A-GD55 Mobo, 128GB SSD, Barracuda Green 1.5TB HDD
Xbox live: tanis8585
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