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Is the PS4 a threat to PC gaming since it's basically a high-end PC for $400?

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  3. Is the PS4 a threat to PC gaming since it's basically a high-end PC for $400?

User Info: RE4_Stranger

3 years ago#121
No. No console will ever be a threat to PC gaming. The only thing that could threaten PC gaming would be distribution of games. For example if something goes wrong with steam or origin or other such services to make consumers completely unwilling to use them, then it will die. Otherwise there will always be a market for it. Not necessarily the bigger market vs consoles but big enough to make money in.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 years ago#122
Ragnawind posted...
Many people seem to have many misconceptions about PC hardware components. For example, the CPU doesn't have nearly as much effect with games as RAM or the GPU does. That is why the CPU used had a slower clock rate and more cores. As for the cores and speed debates, it all depends on the architecture of the CPU and how well it is optimized with its instruction sets. Theoretically, if made perfectly, a CPU with more cores at a lower speed will always beat a CPU with less cores and more speed, as long as the CPU with more cores and a higher combined total for speed than the CPU with less cores. The problem currently is to get each core to work together properly and only do what is required of it at the time.

As for RAM, the GDDR5 is much faster than DDR3 and other types of RAM commonly used and is designed specifically for gaming, which is what a game console is for. A PC is more of a general use device, by the vast majority of PC owners and mostly used for internet and other stuff, rather than actually games.

Lastly, the GPU is the most significant factor in games. That is what sends the signals to the RAM and the CPU to let them know what needs to be done with the game. Obviously, the better the GPU, the better the game will look and respond. If you have a good GPU, not as good RAM, and even less for a CPU, you will have a great way to play games on the system. The best would be to have the best and fastest GPU, RAM, and CPU, but the RAM and CPU only need to be aas strong as the GPU needs them to be to run the game it is trying to run. It is all based on how well the devs can work with the equipment. Technically, if a game is coded properly, you can run a current-gen game on a much older machine just as well or better than on a newer machine. The coding for a newer machine usually won't work as well an older machine and vice versa.

You'd think with all the actual junk the consoles are attempting to include including, but not limited to:-
a) a browser
b) a media player
c) a Twitter app
d) a Facebook app
e) a YouTube app
f) replacing your TV
g) some other stuffs I personally dont care or find important

a console is becoming less focused on "gaming" and more focused on "general stuff" that I find bolded quite ironic.

On topic, based from what I've understood, I highly doubt it. A mid-range at best.
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User Info: LordOfLegacies

3 years ago#123
You can get a PC now that absolutely s***s all over both next gen consoles now.
So no. It isn't.
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User Info: Kupin

3 years ago#124
If PS4 could run Steam, then I consider it a threat.

User Info: IAMlnDiGNaTioN

3 years ago#125
This must be a joke, and im not even big pc player.

User Info: KOOGAR

3 years ago#126
It all depends on an easy access to porn.

User Info: YukitoRambo

3 years ago#127
In my country, we call this "erecting a wet thread". It means doing something that is a lost cause.

The TC does this because he's trying to convince people(trolling or otherwise) that prices for PC hardware that match PS4's performance is so much more expensive. It's not.

Other users are doing this too by trying to argue with a man who has absolutely no intention to change his mind even if he's proven wrong. Even if he was stupid enough to be dead serious in the beginning, he can always try to salvage whatever dignity he has left by telling himself that he's only trolling(because trolling is an offense here, and admitting it would get him warned).
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#128
KOOGAR posted...
It all depends on an easy access to porn.

Kupin posted...
If PS4 could run Steam, then I consider it a threat.

These two reasons are actually legit.
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User Info: petran78

3 years ago#129
doraemonllh1989 posted...
PC already better than console in term of spec long time ago

but they still got pwned by console in terms of developers loyalty and sales

It is that loyalty that will cost those developers in the end...
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User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#130
WiNGSPANTT posted...
You know, if you have nothing to add to the discussion, I'm sure you could find a more interesting topic to post in.

Does that same rule apply to yourself? Because if it does, why does this topic exist?
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  3. Is the PS4 a threat to PC gaming since it's basically a high-end PC for $400?

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