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The new Hellgate Londom game..

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User Info: Gallusz

4 years ago#1
I seem to have problems installing it, I download the setup and turn it on. And there's a white bar going left to right and the cancel button underneath it but nothing really happens, sometimes a blue bar will fill it up and than it'll freeze. It also kind of slows down my entire computer.

I just have problems installing it <.>
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User Info: Greendragon854

4 years ago#2
I don't's new
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User Info: jakisthe

4 years ago#3
Greendragon854 posted...
I don't's new

This, unless they made a new one, in which case...where?
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User Info: Gojak_v3

4 years ago#4
Wait, is there a new game or are you talking about the train wreck that came out a few years ago and failed in a matter of months?

If it's the latter don't bother trying to install it. It's literally one of the worst games ever.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

4 years ago#5
Didn't they shut down the servers for HEllgate London?
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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#6
Are you talking about London or Tokyo? Because Tokyo was an MMO version I believe and its servers might not be up anymore.
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User Info: blakegalloway

4 years ago#7
Maybe he's referring to this:
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