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Have a 2GB GTX 680 and a 1440p monitor. Better to wait for the 8XX series?

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User Info: Conker

3 years ago#11
blankempathy posted...
GalaxyNexus posted...
gsf4lyfe posted...
>has a $500+ gpu
>I don't game often

>Wanting to play games to their maximum potential at 1440p.

I wish I had that kind of money when I was at school. Most people tend to be incredibly poor in college.

They're usually incredibly poor because they're lazy, blow their money on worthless s***, choose not to work or take the low-end jobs to work like 10hrs a week and say it's because they don't have time with classes even though they have a schedule that looks like M: 2-5pm, T and Th: 12pm-4pm, W: 1-4pm, 6:30pm.

I went through college working as a server and made good money. I wasn't too different than a lot of my friends or class-mates that were "poor college students" and I knew lot of them who just chose not to really do anything about it.

Don't get me wrong, there is a small percentage that put the effort into work and school, and don't blow it all when they have other things more important to pay for. But the majority of college students are entitled drama queens that say they're just a "poor college kid" even though they have parents that pay for nearly everything for them and then cut them off when they blow a bunch of money and are unwilling to get a job, or they cry that there are no jobs, etc.

I prob sound bitter, but I'm not at all. It just always gets me having gone through college and been in that position. The first couple of years I always said I was a poor college student too, even though I did work a low-paying on-campus job and got by just fine, I still chose certain things to spend my money on rather than the other more important things that I'd rather complain about. Then I realized how lazy most of us were in the dorms sitting around playing Halo and going to the main party street or clubs every Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, and Sat spending $5 for a cup or a cover, tailgating games, etc. then going to T-Bell and the popular 24/7 diner at 2am after the party/clubs were closing.

Sorry, just getting nostalgic. College kids are still lazy asses most of the time and have few excuses for why they really are poor.

Oh, and I did end up working as a server getting decent tips that I simply worked out around my schedule and had 15-17 credit hours and worked around 25-30hrs a week during classes, and summer without full classes more like 35-40hrs. Ended up paying for school with only abut $18k in loans after (total for most of the people I knew that graduated at the same school were upwards of $30-40k).
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