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What speakers are you guys using, how do you like them?

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User Info: animanganime

3 years ago#51
I am using the Energy Classic Take 5.0 set of satellites and center speakers

Polk PSW10 Subwoofer

Denon AVR-3801 Receiver
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User Info: fatboy44

3 years ago#52
I use studio monitors for mixing and producing music. I also have a Pioneer receiver and 5.1 system hooked up.

User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#53
Emotiva Airmotiv4 when I'm not listening on headphones. They do everything I want and more. Crisp bass and beautiful mids and highs.

User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#54
Audioengine A5+

They've been pretty good so far, and they look pretty good.

User Info: TwiliLord666

3 years ago#55
Bose Companion 2.1

Worth the price IMO.
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User Info: frag_bait

3 years ago#56
Logitech G51 jury-rigged to Klipsch speakers, but I haven't really used them in years. I thought 5.1 would make a difference, but the games I play have 3d audio so poorly implemented it was more distracting than immersive.

I've been using earbuds lately. JVC HAFX40B are awesome once you get them burned in. My speakers and other mid-range earbuds sound like crap compared to those.
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User Info: daftpunk_mk5

3 years ago#57
I use Denon AHD2000 headphones with a FiiO E10 solid state amplifier. I also have a Sony boom box plugged it for when I don't feel like wearing headphones. And I have my TV plugged in through HDMI as a second display, so I switch to the TV speakers when I'm watching something on it through the computer.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

3 years ago#58
Old pair of 2.1 dell speakers that came with a pre-built PC my parents got like 5 years ago ;p they gave them to me because they weren't using them and mine were broken. I didn't expect much but god damn they are kind of awesome. They are dell branded speakers so I have no idea what the kind they are or what but they are honestly the best speakers I've personally ever used.
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User Info: lol_Internets1

3 years ago#59
It's a but of a mess but here it goes. Sound goes to an GNT 5000 2.1 system I garbage picked that's been gutted. The signal that would have been going to the dinky standard speakers are routed to the back of two 35 year old Realistic bookshelf speakers. The measly 3 inch subwoofer has been removed and the signal has been directly wired to the input jack of a 10 inch 300W JBL home theater sub that I garbage picked. Needless to say, I shake the whole house :D

GNT-5000 -

1978 Realistic Bookshelf Speakers -

JBL Home Theater Subwoofer -
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User Info: bobhome2

3 years ago#60
KillerTruffle posted...
I've been using Klipsch ProMedia for around a decade or so, and they've been excellent.

Same, bought Klipsch ProMedia speakers (the THX ones) way back in the day, and have felt no desire to upgrade. I could probably do better, but they're more than enough for my purposes.
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