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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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User Info: bsballa09

3 years ago#11
g7g7g7g7 posted...
Enemy Territory is completely open source, anyone who wants to remake it in cryengine 3 and release a new one is free to do so...



Make it...


Should do a Kickstarter.
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User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

3 years ago#12
"But what am I supposed to do with all this cheese?"

User Info: AmonAmarth

3 years ago#13
I liked RTCW
and loved W:ET (my fav fps game tbh).

I was disappointed with the "newer" Wolfenstein game,
and somehow i doubt the upcoming wolf will be better.

W:ET did the multiplayer right. With etpro and etpub things were even better.
I think later they had jaymod, and then another one which I think killed the game.

For a free game, it did well.

I realy wish they made another W:ET or RTCW2.
Brink was "okay" from SD but that died faster than I hoped :|


I liked the fairly fast paced action too. Cod and BF seem slow :|
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#15
bsballa09 posted...
I just recently played Enemy Territory again after like 6 years. That along with MAG from the PS3 are the two greatest FPS ever. It's sad ET doesn't have that many players anymore.

HE are genius, firstly. - ASlaveObeys

User Info: Tiberius1151

3 years ago#16
Return to Castle Wolfenstein was one of my favorite FPS back in the day.

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

3 years ago#17
I had great memories with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Clocked-in more than a thousand hours playing online with my friends and cousins. Haven't played it in a long time... Is it still active?

User Info: Taitao

3 years ago#18
I was disappointed with the "newer" Wolfenstein game,
and somehow i doubt the upcoming wolf will be better.

The upcoming one is not going to be by Gray matter either. I don't have high hope for it.
Ashin Wirathu my hero! <3
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