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whats diffrence between these anti aliasing settings

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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

3 years ago#11
Sorry for kind of posting off-topic, but does anyone else just use absurd amounts of anti-aliasing when it doesn't make your framerate too low? I use 32x CSAA in Just Cause 2 because I still stay above 60 fps.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#12
MSAA works by detecting the edges of models in a scene, and only sampling multiple times at those locations. Because of that, it can not and will not antialias shader effects or textures. It also typically doesn't find the correct colour in a heavily shaded scene unless the AA pipeline is modified. That's why we have things like FXAA, TXAA, and MLAA around.
TXAA is the "best", but it doesn't work very well for low resolutions. It's the kind of thing that'll be great for reducing temporal aliasing or jittering in high resolution scenes.
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  3. whats diffrence between these anti aliasing settings

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