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Crap console gamers think.

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User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#111
I mostly cringe when I read something like "This is why I'm only buying physical copies of for life." You don't even get that physical media doesn't last forever, cartridges, tapes, and discs will naturally stop working after being so old. A digital copy lasts forever because people on the internet keep it in circulation.

User Info: call of duty

call of duty
4 years ago#112
MangorushXIII posted...
You responded to factual statements with "keep living in denial you insecure man child"...I really wonder who is the man child here? Is it a coincidence that the entire board thinks you're a joke? No wonder some people remain below the poverty line...they are just completely incapable of rational thought and discussion. I hope your parents are proud buddy.

So you've got nothing else to add, that's what I thought.

Yes I've got nothing to add to a comment like "keep living in denial you insecure man child". Wow you can think! I thought all you can do is form ad hominems with your keyboard for the moment there. Keep thinking buddy and we'll get you through grade 5!
Number of people who claim that I'm an idiot because of my username, even though they were not born when I created my account nor ever played the first CoD: 14
(message deleted)
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