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If my PC is insanely fast now why would I OC?

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User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#21
Knighted Dragon posted...
From: Boge | #010

This. It is just bragging rights. It will be "extra performance" but almost nothing will actually be affected by it because most things aren't going to be maxing out your high end rig to begin with. You can do it if you feel like you aren't getting good enough performance as is, but if you are happy with the stock performance there is no real reason to. I still haven't over clocked my 3770k yet despite me specifically buying a water cooler for it, mainly because I just haven't got around to it, but thus far I've never, ever came close to needing the slight speed increase an overclock would give

And then there's the issue of certain games/engines not liking CPU overclocks, which can cause crashes, or strange issues. I imagine it's fairly rare, but it can happen.
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  3. If my PC is insanely fast now why would I OC?

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