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Pinball FX2 Humble Bundle (Coming Soon)

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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#11
KidInTheHall posted...

If ya like spending $15 on maps why don't get CoD Ghosts and you can do that with DV8 , DieHard and myself.

I'll spend $15 on maps when CoD Ghosts is a permanently free to play game with a full map free to use indefinitely just for downloading.

Which is never.

akuma634 posted...
Pinball Arcade do real pinball simulations. They take apart real machines and do a lot of high tech stuff with them to mo-cap all the movement and physics to fully recreate that machine as a videogame. Pinball FX never appealed to me because the tables are too small and feel too much like a videogame as opposed to real pinball.

In a way, that's WHY I like Pinball FX2. I've played a lot of true-to-life/realistic pinball games, and playing real tables is great. But, "New" pinball tables haven't exactly been an on-going thing for awhile. And being able to play a pinball game that has realistic physics and actions, BUT uses the fact it's a game to go over-and-above the limitations of the physical world is something that really makes it appeal to me.

User Info: someguyshand

3 years ago#12
Great, time to get new tables (I hope).
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#13
This bundle intrigues me. I played a few table demos a while back, and some of them were interesting. They're typically not "real" tables, but can still be fun...
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