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User Info: lost_within

3 years ago#1
I don't get it, I have used cheap logitech keyboards all my life and they seem to work fine, what is the advantage of using a keyboard made for gaming? The only major difference I can see is that the typical gaming keys are highlighted in red... I am sure there is something that makes this stand out from other keyboards but what is it?

Like this one:[referrer|[type|link[postId|1460125623[asin|B009A803AK[authorId|5727177402741770316

Do any of you have a preference?
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User Info: Rolen47

3 years ago#2
Keyboards that are not mechanical are pretty much the same all around. There's no reason to spend extra money on a plunger/rubber domes keyboard, it's the same junk as cheap ones.

User Info: Marioface5

3 years ago#3
I find that "gaming" mice and keyboards are completely unnecessary unless you actually want the extra features they provide. As long as you're happy with what you have there's no need to buy something else.
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User Info: Winpus

3 years ago#4
The main difference is the anti-ghosting and a higher number of key rollover. Some non-gaming keyboards use cheap setups that won't allow you to use certain key combinations together that are uncommon for typical use, but common for gaming.

If your keyboard causes you no problems with use, there's probably not going to be much benefit to getting a gaming board.


3 years ago#5
The real reason to upgrade your keyboard is for typing. Even though there are a ton of gaming keyboards out there, the extra features they typically offer are really not essential and will not enhance your performance in any meaningful way.

However, there are some features a keyboard may have that are a necessity, but they are not exclusive to gaming keyboards. Most notably, you want something that has at least 6 key rollover. Most decent keyboards nowadays have this.

I disagree with an earlier post that gaming mice are not necessary. Unlike gaming keyboards, gaming mice typically have features that are not in non-gaming mice (there are exceptions) and are important for performance. many who play highpaced games on low sensitivity (doing many fast sweeps) will easily run into the problem of max tracking speed on a regular cheap mouse. To me, that is the number one reason I need a mouse with a better sensor. Beyond that, there is prediction, acceleration, and a number of other things that you would typically want to avoid. Are they an absolute necessity for everyone? No probably not. But do they offer a real world advantage over normal consumer mice for gaming? Absolutely.
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