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Im thinking about playing World of Warcraft... Any point 10 years in?

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  3. Im thinking about playing World of Warcraft... Any point 10 years in?

User Info: Bossdog421

4 years ago#31
Yeah try it out. it's still the best MMO out, even though it was better "back in the day". The game is a bit oversimplified now but the basic core is still there.

Leveling is quick and once you hit end game there is a island that will pretty much gear you up in 1 day for end game content.

You will be at a disadvantage but nothing that would hinder gameplay. Just don't roll on a PvP server.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
4 years ago#32
LaManoNeraII posted...
WoW barely has any serious grind left. I'd actually say it's the least grindy of the popular mainstream MMOs. "Hardcore" players say that's why WoW sucks but after years of playing MMOs I'm personally sick of arbitrary grind.

Tomorrow at Blizzcon there's almost certainly going to be a new expansion announced and WoW expansions usually alter and improve the games in huge ways. People can say what they want about Blizzard but they do do a good job at keeping WoW relevant and up to date.

WoW always had more grind then other MMO's.

Time =/= grind

Mindless repetition with little to no change = grind.

WoW having no risk vs reward, no reason to fear dying, trivial mobs that pose no threat and can be ground up like hamburger at will by all classes = megagrind.

The work you had to do in Everquest to reach level 50 is a fraction of what you had to do in WoW. WoW always just compressed a whole lot more thoughtless repetition into a time window 1/4 the size.
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4 years ago#33
I played in the first 3 years after its release and used to love it. However, the fact that people are still playing pretty much the same game a decade later says a lot about how stale and old the MMO genre has become. I used to love it death, and now it can not interest or entertain me at all.

If you are new to MMO's, maybe it would be nice to try. If not, and you have played various MMO's and are probably already sick of the MMO blueprint everyone sticks to and the limitations of the genre, then WoW will probably bore you as quick as it would me. It is a great game though. I am only no longer interested because I already got everything out of it that I could.
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  3. Im thinking about playing World of Warcraft... Any point 10 years in?

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