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Can you build a $400 PC with as much muscle as a PS4?

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#171
eyenjekt posted...
kalmeq posted...
llamathief posted...
ShadowThaReaper posted...
Have fun losing all of your games and online multiplayer as soon as you stop paying a fee.

If you can't afford paying it, I think you have some more important problems than video games.

i think YOU dont get it ps+ game are RENTED its a rent(u pay to just keep them). you do not onw it and never will. humblebundlegame are yours forever.

when the ps5 or ps6 will be out your ps+ game from ps4 will either dont be on the server anymore so unplayable. or they will not be compatible with your ps5 or ps6. On pc there yours forever and xbox 360 gold game although u will say its crap game are ur forever too.

truth is ps+ game availability is neither rent nor bought. it is a hybrid. true the 'rented' games depend on subscription length, but then again blockbuster never offered me access to every game i rented over a 1.5 year subscription with them.

more accurately, its called a loyalty service. not rental.

No, it's a subscription. There is no ownership. You pay for a service and partake of that service.
Which can fall under

: to pay money in return for being able to use (something that belongs to someone else)

: to allow someone to use (something) in return for payment

: to be available for use in return for payment : to be for rent
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User Info: YukitoRambo

3 years ago#172
PC's extra cost, for me as a gamer, is totally justified(or maybe overjustified) because of one thing.


I'm not only talking about older PC games. I'm also talking about emulation across multiple platforms, from NES up to the PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube AND Wii.

Some trolls and shallow-minded people will try to joke about the pointlessness of playing Pac-Man or Super Mario 3 on a 1k+ worth of rig. Screw them. It was thanks to my PC that I finally get to play REmake(GC) for the first time since its release, in 2010.
"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed" - Alexander Pope

User Info: ArthasReborn

3 years ago#173
I still want to know how to get five years of PSN+ for two years, goddammit.

User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#174
It's disgusting that the handful of moderators around here allow these obvious troll threads to continue for days (gotta get those ad hits any way you can I suppose). And of course the TC usually just does their little drive-by topic and never returns to argue their point (usually because they know they have no ground to stand on).
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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
3 years ago#175
Not possible until AMD release that same APU on the PC. Although, you can easily surpassed by buying a used computer at a bargain price.
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User Info: petran78

3 years ago#176
you might have a better chance if you live in europe. There the ps4 costs 500 $ and subscriptions are more expensive too.
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User Info: xanthan1

3 years ago#177
llamathief posted...
ShadowThaReaper posted...
The PS4 has a sub fee for online multiplayer, and you'll double the price of your console over the next few years.

The discounts and free games subtracts that.

"Free" does mean "You pay a monthly fee to get it".

What is it with idiots and continually thinking something requires a subscription is free? The "free" part is part of what you're paying for. Come back when you get it WITHOUT paying anything at any point to get them.

Steam has better sales, PS+ discounts can suck it.

User Info: Cade6669

3 years ago#178
PhilOnDez posted...

WOW! That's actually a pretty nice PC.
Steam -
I love you.


3 years ago#179
I could buy a Ps4 and game in 900p but 2008 was almost 6 years ago.
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User Info: Linctagon7

3 years ago#180
Kafferbokja posted...
Can you buy a PS4 with half the muscle of a good gaming PC?


Cost always seems to be the straw-man. As if to say a Veyron would stop crapping on a City Golf simply because it costs more.

Topic should have ended with this.

When you have to put restraints on one side just to stand half a chance of comparison then you know there really is no contest. A gaming PC wipes the floor with a PS4. Price be damned. Placing a restriction on price is admitting that you can't compare the two without a restriction to begin with.
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