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What's a great Gaming PC I can buy?

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User Info: AnimeKid1089

3 years ago#1
And I do not want to have to make modifications or adjust anything physical on the PC or the netcoding or whatever there is to make it work at optimal performance. Just direct me to a gaming PC that will give me a great performance in all areas of a PC game (graphics, textures, resolution, framerate, etc.).
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User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#3
Just about any "Gaming PC" model from any number of vendors from Falcon Northwest to CyberPower to iBuyPower etc....though it's going to be at least $1500 for a decent gaming PC from them, and $2000+ if you want a top-end machine that will be able to max out modern games at 1920x1080+ at 60 fps+ If you build it yourself/get someone else to assemble it you can build a decent to good gaming PC for $800-1000. Even if you buy a pre-built though, at some point you are going to have to upgrade drivers, software and do workarounds for certain games, it's inevitable in the PC gaming space as games have to support any number of different configurations of hardware/software vs. the static hardware/software of the consoles. The payoff for these minor annoyances is much better graphical fidelity, performance and flexibility, however if a little troubleshooting is too much for you I wouldn't jump into PC gaming.
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#4
lol; netcoding.

User Info: ElDudorino

3 years ago#5
Yeah, if you're afraid of work, you should not try to get into PC gaming. It's always an adventure.

Like, the other day. I have a friend over, and I want to show him Far Cry 3. I've played through it a couple times and it worked great. I fire it up, and it'll barely load up and there's all kinds of slowdown and I can't see why. And I think to myself, okay, since the last time I played this I've installed new graphics drivers, Windows Updates, and plenty of new software... okay, time to find the conflict. Roll back the graphics drivers, nothing. Look around for fixes online, nothing comes up right away. Re-install the latest graphics drivers- suddenly it works. Something must have gotten corrupted somewhere during or after my last driver update. Or maybe not! Maybe it was some other weirdness that just went away as a fluke after a couple of restarts. Machines be crazy sometimes.

You gotta be ready to try anything to troubleshoot your PC, ** even if it may end up costing your life.** If you aren't ready for that, I don't think you're ready for a gaming PC.

But yeah, you can get any ole "gaming pre-built" if you don't care what you're paying. Or, get a friend to build you a better PC for half the price.

User Info: Javelin

3 years ago#6
AnimeKid1089 posted...
Just direct me to a gaming PC that will give me a great performance in all areas of a PC game (graphics, textures, resolution, framerate, etc.).
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3 years ago#7
If you are serious about PC gaming, take the time and invest in learning the basics. Not being clueless will generally improve your experience as a PC gamer.
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User Info: EStar999

3 years ago#8
Just relax TC. Building a rig is not as hard as you think. There are plenty of building videos that will help you setup your rig. Just let us know your budget and what parts you already have (OS, monitor, etc.). Although, I recommend that the budget is at least $800 if you only need the tower.

User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#9
Look for something with an Intel i5 or i7 for a CPU and an R9 270, 280 or 290 if you like AMD graphics card or a GTX 760, 770 or 780 if you are looking an Nvidia graphics cards.

Both the new AMD and Nvidia graphics cards have software that looks at your system and compares it to people who have similar systems and what kind of performance they get with each game and automatically adjust the game's setting to focus more towards performance or more towards pretty visuals, depending on your preference.
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User Info: Ravenoussd

3 years ago#10
KabtheMentat posted...
Uh, not learning about the insides of a computer after you've just dropped $1500 is going to make you hate life. Because even if you buy the best, most expensive stuff, something is going to break and you're going to have to fix it. Or pay some minimum wage monkey a ridiculous amount of money to do maybe 30 minutes of work.

minimum wage = ridiculous amount of money
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