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Now I understand why people kept on saying "just build it"

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  3. Now I understand why people kept on saying "just build it"

User Info: NfuzedXGamer

4 years ago#31
Yea i built my first one (My recent posts or topics asking about periphreals or hardware is for a friend BTW) this past month. I had a youtube guide on my Smartphone running so i could follow step by step. Once you get everything in place its easy after that, The cable management you just look at it and use your brain from there. Its sort of time consuming (took me 3 hours including installing all the software) But it was satisfying.

I celebrated with a subway sandwich and trip to the strip club later that night. The chick that gave me a lapdance had a 3.7 GPA in Nursing school. It was awesome.

User Info: DaKingO

4 years ago#32
VIP86 posted...
DaKingO posted...
Lately I've been wanting a gaming pc (i had one it died and now i want one back; also, my friend built it for me), So i started looking around a different boutique vendors trying to decide which gaming pc i could get for cheap....Well none of them were cheap even the smaller itx/mini atx models....

So i decided i could do better on my own....even if my pc hardware skills sucked *** (as software engineer... that's a little bad on my part). So between Saturday and Sunday, I built my very first gaming pc.

It was hard, but it was fun. After firing it up and testing out my machine I felt good about my self. I've come to realize why people just say build it.

It's cheaper, quicker (somewhat), more bang for your buck, and I don't know maybe you'll feel good about it.

I have a question. Do you want to build another one now?

It wouldn't be so bad, so I suppose I'd wanna build another one.
Disgaea 3, now in Laharl
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  3. Now I understand why people kept on saying "just build it"

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