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anybody play games to learn languages?

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User Info: EciDemon

4 years ago#21
KabtheMentat posted...
EciDemon posted...
English is my second language. If I may say so my self I'm pretty good at it.
What really helped me to improve further was online gaming and voice communication.

Years ago I played Everquest 2 on US servers and voice com was pretty much mandatory.

So my advice is voice com :)

I'm surprised you don't talk like an idiot, because I would imagine a lot of ***** quality mics were used.

hehe, it wasn't bad. Not too much foul mouthing either as it was a much more mature audience and not like say WoW.
I recall a poll saying the average age in Eq2 was around 35.
What was annoying though was the few people who insist of not using headphones and got terrible mic feedback.
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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#22
There's a way to change the voices in Skyrim to another language but retain the subtitles of your native language.

I have done this with Japanese (to give myself some extra listening comprehension practice)...

Basically you have to change the language in steam to whatever language...It'll start updating the game with the new sound files... then you look in the folder for the Skyrim Voices.bsa and Skyrim VoicesExtra.bsa files and move them somewhere else...then you switch back to English (or whatever) and it'll update the game again with English voices, but you can now copy the other language back and play the game.

Then just hope Steam doesn't try to update the files you changed. You may want to turn off auto-updating. I don't think they've updated Skyrim in a long while though so it should hold for a while.

It would be kinda nice if you could just simply adjust a setting but the game has a lot of data so obviously it would suck to try to keep ALL those voice files on the hard drive at once....

User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#23
lucascg posted...
JKatarn posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
lucascg posted...
I don't really have any suggestion, just writing to say that this is how I learned English, and it is very effective since it provides you with the immersion factor essential to language learning. I am now living in the US and it's all thanks to video games. Good luck on your French learning!

On your way to becoming an American because of viddy games.

God bless America.

His grasp of the English language already vastly exceeds that of most Americans (I'm a US citizen btw).

Thank you! I'm in college to be an English teacher in my home country, so that means a lot.

No problem, I always love the hypocrisy of dumbasses/rednecks who say things like "You're in America, speak English!"...or worse "Speak American!" - when their own command of their native language is tenuous at best. It's difficult learning a new language, I'd like to see how they'd do if dropped into the middle of Prague, Mexico, Paris etc.
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