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Next gen consoles will have a launch failure.

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User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#21
lol huge reports of defective PS4.

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#22
That pic that's suppose to represent PC gamers needs more neckbeard and more fedora.
Big Money. Big Women. Big Fun.
Skillz Ferguson

User Info: ARMs7777

4 years ago#23
JonWood007 posted...
What I find disappointing about next gen consoles isn't the hardware, but the fact that they fail to properly utilize it. I mean, my rig is similar to an Xbone, the weaker of the two consoles....xbone produces graphics FAR inferior to my PC from what i've seen. Seriously, it's pathetic. Seriously consoles, lrn2nextgen.

Then they have the gall to double system requirements because "lolnextgen."

Xboxes problem is not the power of its CPU or GPU. Its the ram. Your PC got gddr5 and ddr3 while xbox only has ddr3 to handle all worload.
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  3. Next gen consoles will have a launch failure.

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