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Looking for a new game

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User Info: dompruss

4 years ago#1
Hello everyone!

So I'm looking for a new game that has a large PvE community along with a good bit of content.

I'm holding out for Wildstar, it looks like everything I want in a game, but until it comes out I'd love to play another game.

For those who will TL:DR ---

Below just explains I liked : Guild wars, Guild Wars 2

Didn't Like : WoW During Cataclysm, Tera's grind, or FFXIV.

My History:

My first MMO was Guild Wars, and I played that for at least 4 years, maybe 5. It was amazing, I loved all the challenges, titles and stuff to do in it! I'd love a game with a community like Guild wars. It Was Amazing!

I've Played World of Warcraft, albiet almost entirely during Cataclysm, and it has left a sour taste in my mouth. It was not nearly as challenging or fun (i was in a guild that managed to get 4/7(or 8?) heroic on Dragon Soul within 3-4 weeks. It wasn't difficult in itself, it was just hard getting people to show up. I'm don't really want to go back to this game.

I have played Guild Wars 2, and I go back on occasion, but it's not really all that different, i have 5 lvl 80's geared to the teeth, and no real "content" has arisen. I was hoping for larger groups, or really challenging dungeons, but so far nothing has been as challenging as sitting through Arah P4.

I tried Tera ( got bored with the grind, didn't play much after it went F2P, only two or so weeks before the grind got to me ).

I Tried FFXIV, but nothing screamed "fun" to me, maybe combat was too slow?

I played League of Legends, but then the community turned it into a toxic waste dump.


Can anyone recommend me a game they'd think I'd like?

User Info: Cool_Dude667

4 years ago#2
Killing Floor is all PvE and is supported by a huge amount of content which is easily modded and downloaded ingame.
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User Info: Lady Une

Lady Une
4 years ago#3

One of the better MMO communities that I have experienced.
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User Info: hatmann40

4 years ago#4
You could always try dota 2 or path of exile :)

User Info: acangial

4 years ago#5
Holy crap I was about to post almost the same exact thing.

I played the crap out of Dark Souls and had enough. Waiting for 2 to come out.

I played the crap out of GW2 and got a lot of mileage out of it, but had to move on

FF14 ARR - Got to level 50. Gear grind is unbearable with little to no end game.

Tried SWTOR and even purchased 2 months sub, but TBH besides the cool Star Wars flavor to it, it is quite vanilla in every other way, at least as far as I got to level 25.

Played Path of Exile for 17 hours, but the reality is that when you get to Act 2 I found it boring to keep doing more of the same. Also the party system is total crap for teaming up PUGs.

Can someone please recommend a deep comprehensive MMO to try? TY!
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