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name 3 Games youre buying within the next year.

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User Info: Decoy77

4 years ago#61
1. Watch Dogs (really pissed they delayed it, will probably be out around the time the next one on my list is released)
2. GTA 5 for PC once they announce it finally and release it probably Spring 2014
3. Not really sure. Maybe Star Citizen and that doesn't come out till 2015. Not much to look forward to in the coming future.
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User Info: exclusiveburner

4 years ago#62
Dark Souls on PS3(Yea I prefer the console balance over PC hackers...I just do)
Wasteland 2 on PC

User Info: Executioner232

4 years ago#63
1) Wolfenstein: New order
2-?) Quakecon pack (i like ID and bethesda, OK?!)
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User Info: NfuzedXGamer

4 years ago#64
Ill add another 2

Watch Dogs definitely and Deus EX Universe online.

User Info: josh_b

4 years ago#65
Witcher 3

..... those are the only big names games i can think of that i really want. Im sure several others will come out that ill end up purchasing but im tryin to cut back on buying games. I bought 160 games this year alone.
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User Info: sygurd

4 years ago#66
On topic

1. Routine (check out the gameplay trailer)
2. Hyper Light Drifter
3. Jazzpunk (are GO!)

and maybe Strike Vector.

User Info: Boge

4 years ago#67
Dark Souls 2. That's it. I have no others on my list, sadly.
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Don't trust someone who lies to you.
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