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Any tips to remove Nvidia graphics drivers?

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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#11
I know what I'm doing 99% of the time and registry cleaners have caused problems for me in the past. I'll never bother with them again except maybe as a last resort before giving up and just doing a clean install. I will never under any circumstances recommend them to someone else, if I'm not confident something will work for me there's no chance I'll recommend it to someone else, especially someone who needs help with something as basic as uninstalling drivers.
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User Info: Jocko

4 years ago#12
I couldn't find any Nvidia listed in add/remove programs. Looks like Windows installed the Nvidia drivers as an update. I simply uninstalled the drivers from Device Manager, shut down, swapped out to the AMD card, booted and installed the AMD drivers and I was good to go. No registry or driver sweeper needed this time. I tested it out with benchmark software and a game and so far so good.
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User Info: datopgamer

4 years ago#13
Have used driver sweeper several times to remove graphics drivers and sound drivers for me and my friends. Had no issue whatsoever. You can take the long way and delete the entries yourself in the registry, but why take the extra time to do so if you can do it with a few clicks?
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User Info: MasterDonGero

4 years ago#14
JKatarn posted...
Killah Priest posted...
Find someone else to argue with.

Editing your registry can definitely cause problems and driver sweeper programs are terrible.

Ie. you have no ground to stand on, and these two people who supposedly had their system messed up are novice/inexperienced users that barely know how to use a computer. I have used the program countless times with zero problems - that is not to say it can't cause issues, but it is a far better/safer solution for someone who doesn't know their way around the registry, and anybody with a lick of technical sense/knowledge will tell you that.

I'd tell you that!
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User Info: Auron_59261

4 years ago#15
I'll vouch for driver sweeper. Used it on my computer was well as alot of customer's computers. Never had an issue. Don't be stupid and click something you aren't supposed to and you'll be fine.
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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#16
I've never had a problem with driver sweeper. Then again, I have more than 1/2 of a functional brain. When in doubt, read the instructions (and the instructions aren't that hard to understand either).
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