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PS3/PS4 27-inch HDMI monitor

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User Info: KADFC

3 years ago#1
I pretty much have my mind made up about 3 different monitors, but I wanted to see if I could get some other opinions. To be honest, still not sure about getting a PS4, yet, I want my new monitor to be compatible with what the PS4 has to offer when the time comes. I've been googling around about what I want. So far, 3 criterias

1) Easy HDMI plug and play with PS3 (hopefully PS4 as well)
2) At least 27 inch screen
3) Under $300

I've read a lot of the recommendations of the past. One of which is Asus PB278Q. I like it, but it's over my budget. Then it's either between ASUS or Samsung. Reviews from give Samsung some pretty bad stories. So for the time being, I don't think I want Samsung unless there is a particular model I should consider on. With that said, one of the monitors that I have planned to buy came from this website:

Didn't really care about the comments. Just googled for the price of each. The only one that fits my needs is Asus VE278Q. So far, I'm thinking about getting it for about $270 off Ebay has one at $230, but it's factory refurb'd. I guess I can go with that. This is my top pick because of the built in speakers. I can live without it, but why not if i can. The two other ones that I had mind is also in there, but it's 24 inches and not cheaper. Yet, with all that said, anyone else doing the same thing I am? Comments/opinions?

User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

3 years ago#2

As long as you aren't looking for 1440p, those requirements aren't difficult to meet.
Fear is a leash.

User Info: KADFC

3 years ago#3
Hmm, I thought I would get some more input, but I guess that would do.

I looked at the reviews of that BenQ product. So far so good except for one comment. Someone mentioned that there was some "ghosting" issue. They never said if it was fixed and I really don't know what that is all about. Regardless, that may be one of my picks.

Yet, after reading around, I'm not even sure if a monitor is the right answer anymore. I'm walking towards a small HDTV instead

Looking at this:
Going for cheap on ebay:

I don't know if this is the right course though. Is the downside of just getting a monitor vs a HDTV the fact that most gamers don't want an oversize screen to game on? I mean the price is somewhat the same. Just an extra $75 for 10inches~ more. Is there a bigger difference that I'm not seeing here?
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