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Curious about Rocksmith 2014, some questions

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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#1
1. How are the retail versions? Apparently they activate on Steam, but you still have to use Uplay? I don't have any problems with Uplay, but that's pretty strange.

2. Can I somehow import songs from the original Rocksmith or something? I see there's a lot of DLC I'd like to have, so does the DLC of Rocksmith the original work on the 2014 version?

3. Is the PC version a fully supported? Basically, does the PC version get all the DLC? I don't know why, but somehow it would seem like they would think the PC version as the lesser version compared to the console versions.

4. What about the guitar tuning? How does the game handle something like drop C?

5. Is it fun? I used to play a lot of guitar and bass, but somehow I just dropped it because learning new songs was pretty cumbersome.

User Info: temgun

3 years ago#2

User Info: Cush1978

3 years ago#3
I'll do by best. All I have is the PS3 version of the original game.

1. Can't help much here, no UPlay for PS3.
2. You can on the PS3. You buy an import key online, then it rips the games. Kind of like the way it worked for Rock Band. The original DLC does "just work."
3. I would think so. I don't see why not.
4. You tune before a song and the game sets up to tune for that song. The game comes with a tuner you can use to tune to whatever tuning you want.
5. I found it fun. My only gripe is that it tries too hard to be a Guitar Hero or Rock Band. If they would add a mode for "regular" guitar tab, it would be great. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and reading colored dots is like learning to read music all over again. Aside from that, the game is a lot of fun to play and the 2014 version is supposed to be an improvement in every way. You also have your arcade games that can help you brush up on certain techniques when you're not playing songs. I'm looking forward to it.
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User Info: myusernameislame

3 years ago#4
I have the game on 360, but I'll answer the best I can.

1.) I believe from what I've read you need Steam and Uplay for even the retail version.
2.) Yes. All DLC from the first game is usable in 2014 and if you buy the original, you can get the on-disc songs into 2014 for an additional $10
3.) From what I've seen the PC version has had some technical problems with making DLC availability (I think just for RS1 songs in 2014), but once those are all sorted out it should be fine. The PC should ultimately end up on equal terms with the console versions.
4.) The game has an in-game tuner and supports any tuning they choose to include. The only thing is that RS1 only really got E Standard and Drop D songs. So far 20104 has E, Eb, Drop D, Eb drop Db, and D standard, as well as some songs that require you to tune slightly sharp or flat to match the original recording (actually kind of annoying).
5.) It's very fun. I started with the first game as pretty much a novice and now I can play most easy-easy-ish stuff fairly well. For just straight up learning songs, it's about the best you can do, and the technique games and session mode are pretty great too.

User Info: InsuRn

3 years ago#5
I have it on PC. Here are my answers (feel free to ask any questions):

1. Yes, the game on Steam open Uplay, :(
2. Yes, you can play DLC from Rocksmith 1 and you can export the Rocksmith 1 song (with a 10$ fee) to Rocksmith 2014.
3. The PC version is complete, receive every DLC and now have mouse support for the menus ! Also, in Rocksmith 1, you could add custom songs, but it is now currently not possible with 2014.
4. There is a lot more tuning than Rocksmith 1. Just in the included songs there is like 5-6 different tuning. But in Session Mode you can only play on C Standard.
5. Rocksmith 2014 fixed every bad things I had from Rocksmith 1. It is also loading song faster, and on PC you can record your Session Mode jam using Audacity or any other audio recording software.
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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#6
Are there issues with lag in certain situations? Is there a sync tool or similar to set a delay, like the one found in Rock Band? I do plan to play with my PC connected to my A/V receiver with HDMI, but supposedly that causes a lot of lag.
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