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Why are indie and P2W games sold by

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User Info: -CJF-

3 years ago#21
I have no problem with GOG selling newer games and indie games but I do wish we'd see older games released more often. I really want to be able to buy games like Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Jill of the Jungle, and The Hugo Trilogy. I do understand that sometimes licensing issues get in the way, but there must be some sort of deal they can work out with the publishers.

... :(

User Info: _LegendaryPunk_

3 years ago#22
I don't agree with labeling their recent business decisions as "selling out." They still have their library of old games, and continue to release more.

More importantly, they are still holding strong to what I admire most about them, which is their no DRM policy. Plus, there is no external client to download.

Overall they remain high in my respect list.
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#23
they aren't GoG anymore, they're GOG
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#24
I just wish GOG would hurry up and get BtM: Bloodlines. It's on Steam and not GOG FFS.
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User Info: CoolFangs

3 years ago#25
GOG has been focused on there DRM free policy, which I'd imagine a lot of indie companies want to jump on board with.
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User Info: DragonRaizen

3 years ago#26
TC might be the worst waste of this boards bandwith I've ever seen.
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