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Help me deal with Tech people @ the store?

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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

4 years ago#11
Try not being a dick.

The goal is to make them want to help you more then the bare minimum that is required by their job.
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User Info: xSoldier24x

4 years ago#12
Mogu_Mogu posted...
Just tell them it stopped working and you're still covered under the warranty.
Be nice. Convey that you're not mad at them or anything. You'd just like a working laptop again.

No need to tell them how it broke unless they asked. lol

Yeah probably will just do that. Thanks
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User Info: nightshadeA

4 years ago#13
apple people might be more helpful than best buy people ......
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User Info: mrCube

4 years ago#14
If you dropped it there is almost guaranteed to be physical damage. They will find it and chances are your warranty doesn't cover it and they will tell you to get lost or try to sell you more stuff.

The only thing you can do is try though, it's not like you'll get in trouble for lying to them.
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  3. Help me deal with Tech people @ the store?

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